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PMD-Explorers Team Epsilon Application by UltimateSassMaster PMD-Explorers Team Epsilon Application by UltimateSassMaster
I know the group closed but damn I just finish up Iri's new artwork!

Edit: Alastair joined the team!

Will add some info now

i actually named her before reading the story, so the resemblence to the npc Chrys is purely coincidence.
Height: 2' 11"
Weight: 60lbs
Fur Color: Dark Umber Brown
Feather Color: Gleaming Glacier Blue
Eye Color: Crystal Cyan
Zodiac: Scorpio (Born late October)
Abilities: Inner Focus (Her head gem will glow, and she can see any attack coming without flinching), Keen Eye (Her eyes will glow, and her sight enhances in troublesome conditions)
Hidden Ability: Pickpocket (she hates being called a thief, so this ability will never activate.)
Age: Mature Adolescent
Note: Since she is a female Sneasel, her ear feather is shorter than that of a male's.

>Chryss was born in formerly known Frigid Village, until it was overrun by the massive Charizard "Lord Clysm" and renamed "Chartopia". Unfortunately, she remembers nothing of these events. These areas are on a different continent from Tao Village, but the Pokemon speak the same language, albeit the accents are slightly different.

>Due to being on a continent prominently in the south, Chryss bears the southern Sneasel's colors, her blue feathers being a natural color difference rather than shiny or abnormal.

>Chryss is very, very arrogant. She has something of a quick temper, but she usually tries to control it. when she doesn't, she'll just wear an irritated look on her face for a while, and not really listen to what you have to say. Get her mad enough to fight, and she will. However, her fighting skill is not the greatest. It's not terrible, but she just blindly throws her claws at the opponent, hoping to strike a hit. She has no strategy. She'll never use Ice Beam to attack, either, feeling that it's cowardly to use special moves instead of fighting with your own bare hands.

>She grew up as a street performer in Caelum town, east of Skyset Woods, the town in which her mother found refuge from Clysm's rage and raised her at. She has mediocre singing talents, but she's an excellent dancer, and in turn often thinks that acting seductively towards men will make them bend to her will. Out of pride, however, she will not do this often.

>She hates to be the one to start a conversation, so she's very open when approached if she's in a good mood. She has a strange sense of humor though. She is also bored very easily, and likes to be spontaneous from time to time just to cure her boredom.

>She often speaks with a lot of slang, having a "southern" accent.

>She hates being accused of things that she did not do, such as stealing. She feels this "lumps" her in with the "Sneasel stereotype." This is part of the reason why she did not want to become a Rogue or Merchant.

>She enjoys good music, and doesn't really have a specific taste. However, her favorite genre is instrumental.

>I'd like to further elaborate on the topic of her feather colors. See, I always loved the original blue-feather version of Sneasel more than the pink-feather. When Sinnoh was introduced, and when we learned that Mt Coronet is north of Mt Silver, connected by the Sinjoh Ruins, I thought of Sneasels as sort of like Shellos in its east and west forms. The northern Sneasel was the one with the pink feathers, up in Sinnoh, and the southern Sneasel was the one with the blue feathers, down in Johto.

>She has a strange, unknown reaction to Charmanders, Charmeleons, and Charizards. She has absolutely no idea why, but for some reason she is full of rage when she is around any of these species. Confused by her own reaction, she usually will not actually strike, but control herself enough to only wear that irritated look she wears so well.

>While she doesnt mind eating full grown bird Pokemon every now and then, she would actually prefer to just eat their eggs instead.

>Her favorite flavor of berry is dry, her top favorites being the Bluk, Yache, and Kebia, though she will enjoy other dry flavors. Her least favorite flavor is bitter, and least favorite berry is the Rabuta ("It looks like I'm eating a Carvhana, feels like I'm eating a broom, and the damn thing tastes like shit!")

>She's terribly afraid of thunderstorms. She's not afraid of electric Pokemon or attacks, just the natural occurring storms. It's probably the only time she'll ever actually run, hide, and cower in the corner.

>She really enjoys the company and flattery of reptiles, but is contrarily annoyed by them at the same time. Basically you what you give is what you get, if you're nice, she'll be nice. If you're rude, she'll be rude. She's a little more cautious around females, since they tend to be more aggressive. Only exception is Chars [Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard]. With other "races" however, shes very friendly.

>Moveset Reference<
>Fury Swipes: Very general. She just strikes with her claws in succession. Nothing fancy. She can also use her feet to swipe.

>Crush Claw: Her claws glow slightly white with energy. She aims to strike into the target, like a puncture wound, rather than scrape against it. She often combines this attack with fury swipes, but tires out very quickly from using it.

>Iron Tail: Her tail glows silver, and the feathers harden like steel. She usually pivots to attack, the tail "slashing" her opponents. Often when turning from an Iron Tail she'll follow with Fury Swipes.

>Ice Beam: A stream made more of a substance resembling liquid nitrogen rather than ice shoots from her mouth, often with swirls of snow surrounding it. Once it hits, the ice cools, expands, and spreads to about 7x the original density of the liquid. She'll never use this to attack (unless she feels threatened enough), though she is able to aim it at the ground, creating tall icicle pillars, and then she will smash them with Crush Claw, aiming the projectile frigid debris at her opponent.

>She may use 'pseudo moves' in the case she must Struggle. All struggle moves only deal a third of the original moves power. i.e. a pseudo Iron Tail is just her pivoting and striking with her tail; a pseudo Double Kick is really a single kick with much less power. All pseudo moves have no specific type, much like the default hit in the mystery dungeon games.


Height: 1' 7"
Weight: 11lbs
Scale Color: Lime Green (body), Kelly Green (tails), and Crimson (underbelly)
Eye Color: Fiery Yellow
Zodiac: Aquarius (Born early February)
Ability: Overgrow (When injured, he will revert to an instinctual berserk mode, attempting to kill anything in sight)
Hidden Ability: Unburden (Always active, but enhanced when Overgrow is active; he's simply very speedy when not holding any items)
Age: ???
Note: He is supposed to look more feral than the average Treecko, but I don't mind if he doesn't due to style issues.

>It is unknown whether or not he physically cannot speak or if he merely chooses not to. he communicates using shrills and growls, but mostly by body language. Chrysstal has heard him say one phrase ever since she has known him, but the phrase flew by her so quickly that she did not have a chance to pay attention. She recalls that whatever he said sounded sophisticated like language, but may not have been particularly english [or rather "pokenglish"]

>He lacks eyelids and lips, so his face is essentially perpetually frozen in one constant expression. The only action he is able to do to differentiate facial expressions is slightly move the base of his eyeridges. They are usually tilted or scrunched up when he is angry, but that does not happen often.

>Not much is really known about Artemis. he basically showed up and clung to Chrysstal out of the blue one day and has not left her side since. His motives for doing so are unknown.

>He is most often seen on Chryss's back, but his position may vary. When he is not on her back, he is usually close by. Usually he will not be anywhere else unless he is fighting or hunting. If anyone wishes to talk to Chryss alone, she will simply declare that Artemis is coming with her because, well, its not like hes gonna say anything anyway.

>She wont show it, but Chryss is very protective over him. If he's in danger, she'll do whatever she can to get him out.

>He hunts every night for Bug Pokemon [Bug types beware!]. His favorites are Nincada and Surskit, due to their typings giving him a better advantage. He also enjoys Trapinch and Vibrava, but not as much as genuine bug types.

>He doesn't have a specific favorite flavor of berries, and really doesn't like to eat them much. He would much rather prefer hunting.

>He's a tad shorter than the average Treecko, and is constantly hunched over, appearing about three fourths of his height while hunched. When he stands "upright," the closest thing you'll ever get is sort of a "scouting" position. Also, in order to stand upright, he must force his tails downward.

>As of Event 7, he has returned. His presence has made Chrysstal absolutely overjoyed.

>During Mission 8, he is still technically in the past, since his return was by a passage of time. Therefore, he will participate.

>Moveset Reference<
>Crunch: He must physically sink his teeth into the target or else this attack will not effect. Typically, there is a blackish aura surrounding his teeth, but not always.

>Mega Drain: He cannot use mega drain without first using crunch. After sinking his teeth into the target, a green aura will replace the black aura surrounding his teeth and will begin to drain out the life force of said target.

>Fury Cutter: He can attack with his "hands" or his tails. With his hands, a bright green energy will engulf them and extend to 3 long, sharp claws. he will then leap and strike, often combining this version of the attack with Crunch [think of the raptors from Jurassic Park]. With his tail, the tails will each uncurl and glow with the same bright green light, but will only extend to one "claw". He can either turn and swipe or do a front- or back-flip to strike with his tails. He will use this version when he feels uncomfortable approaching the Pokemon directly. If he's feeling particularly ruthless, he can also wrap his tails around his opponent's throat (ideally, though it doesn't matter which body part he chooses), and using the attack will result in the severing of their head. Each time he has a successful strike, the energy absorbs the pokemons life force, not unlike mega drain, but will instead use it to fuel the attack, making it larger and more powerful each turn.

>Screech: Like the name says, he screeches at a frequency that irritates most Pokemon's auditory systems, lowering their defense.


Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 120lbs
Exoskeleton Color: Brilliant Bright Chartruese
Eye Color: Soft Cerulean
Zodiac: Gemini (Born Mid-June)
Abilities: Swarm (when injured, his wings will begin to buzz, and he reverts to an instinctual berserk mode), Technician (Aerial Ace and Quick Attack are much stronger and speedier than average; enhanced when Swarm is active)
Hidden Ability: Steadfast (Each time he flinches or cringes, his instincts increase his agility)
Age: Mature Adolescent
Note: As a male, his abdomen is shorter than a female's. He is shiny, but it's not usually noticeable. He also has two joints in his arms rather than one. Two of his horns curve upwards.

>He recently moved to Tao, so he's very shy and nervous around everyone.

>His brother is good friends with Chrysstal

>He is not proud of his background, since he used to be an assassin. If the topic of death or murder is ever brought up, he shudders and makes any attempt to leave the situation

>He feels somewhat uneasy around Chrysstal, since he was assigned to assassinate her in his past, but also feels that he needs to protect her. He's cautious around Artemis as well.

>He has a strange affection for Ghost types, and is abnormally comfortable in their presence rather than normal Pokemon.

>If he feels he or his friends are threatened, he'll revert to a sudden aggressive and territorial state (in a state that resembles Swarm). After quickly realizing what he's doing, he'll apologize over and over and make any and every attempt to leave the situation.

>His favorite flavor of berry is Spicy, and his favorite berries include the Pomeg, Babiri, Tanga, and Razz. His least favorite is Sweet, the most rancid berries in his opinion being the Mago, Magost, Watmel, and Kasib.

>He is very aware of his height, and is a little embarrassed to be towering over most of the Pokemon in Tao.

>He's a very kind-hearted and gentle Pokemon, despite the events he experienced in his past. Sometimes, he can even act a little too nice around new Pokemon.

>On top of his affection for Ghosts, he has a very particular fondness for Shedinjas.

>Although he recognizes that drug-berries (Enigma, Jaboca, and Rowap) are illegal in this country, but isn't phased by others using them, and might even partake in their consumption himself (if he can get his hands on any). He might also mention something of "Oddish leaves" or "weed," in reference to what he and Cannabyss smoked in the past. When he's high, he's much more relaxed.

>He and Cannabyss are good friends, but the topic doesn't really come up often. He's unaware that Chrysstal and Cannabyss used to be friends.

>Moveset Reference<

>Quick Attack: He flutters his wings, and quickly lunges at his opponent. Often times, his lunge is almost undetectable by the naked eye.

>Aerial Ace: His wings and scythes glow and appear to be "feathered" with energy. Like Quick Attack, he'll lunge at his opponent, though this is usually exclusive to aerial combat.

>X-Scissor: He dreads ever having to use this move. In his "assassin" style of this move, his scythes will glow a bright chartreuse, and he'll slide them across each other, then locking the opponents neck (or other body part) in the open end of the "scissors," he'll pull them back, severing whatever is in his reach. The normal style for this move is simply him crossing his scythes in an X shape; damage can be taken from the scythes themselves or by the shockwave that the energy produces.

>Night Slash: His scythes engulf in a dark smoke, which trails off slightly in an eerie sort of way. He can go about slashing in any fashion with this attack, but his most famous is a pseudo "Rapid-Spin," in which he spins so quickly that his scythes slice anything within range.


Height: 1'00" (When on all fours), 1'10" (When standing upright)
Weight: 14lbs
Fur Color: Caramel Brown
Eye Color: Auburn
Zodiac: Aries (Born early April)
Abilities: Runaway (She's able to flee any situation with ease), Adaptability (Normal-typed moves do more damage than normal)
Hidden Ability: Anticipation (When under stressful situations, she can vaguely predict when the foe is about to use a particularly powerful move)
Age: Adult
Note: Her body structure resembles that of a ferret, rather than a fox.

>She is Biromantic, meaning she's asexual (not sexually interested in any relationship) but does care for relationships; she also does not care for gender

>Even though she is biologically female, she often identifies as both. She doesn't mind which pronoun you refer to her as.

>She has a temper, but will only blow up for a second before calming down and forgetting the whole thing the next.

>She has a social anxiety disorder, so she doesn't like being out in public or being around people she doesn't know. However, if she's surrounded by friends, she's very outgoing and generally weird.

>She likes making weird faces and weird noises

>She's super set on evolving into a Flareon she wILL NOT STOP UNTIL SHE IS A FLAREON

>Chrysstal is the only person she's comfortable with



Snowfall of Ashes
The Art of Miss
Event 6.1: Seeds of a New Beginning
Event 6.2: Humility
Mission 7 (Part 1): Geckos
Mission 7 (Part 2): Just a Couple
Mission 7 (Part ???): Mesozoic
Event 7 Prologue: Paleozoic
Event 7: Leaning Towers, Blooming Flowers (Collaboration with *Skywiz's Team Black Gold)
Event 7 Epilogue: High Hopes
All Will Stare
Mission 8 (Past): Cenozoic
Mission 8 Prologue: Familiar Faces
Mission 8: Hieroglyphic Wraith (Collaboration with =InsomniacFlaaffy's Team WIKIFIGY)
Mission 8: Lucid
Mission 8: Glimmer like a Crescent

July: Interaction, Stabilization, Condemnation

Cameo Request Page

Reference Sheet

Writing Application

Event 6: Evolution Scroll, used to recruit Alastair during Mission 8.
Event 6.2: Evolution Scroll, changed Chrysstal's Bite to Iron Tail.
Mission 7: Present Accessory Voucher, used, Simple Gem Necklace.
Mission 7: Past Accessory Voucher, used, opened Kanga Storage.
Event 7: Evolution Scroll, stored.
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DragonsVirtue Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I know this stuff's kinda old. But this cast of characters you have is quite interesting, not to mention their designs combined with your art style are fantastic.

I'll be sure to give some of your mission entries a read through ^^
UltimateSassMaster Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Pfff thank you! Man all my old stuff is really really bad though xD read at your own risk//
LaraGhost Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Anyways, I'm looking forward to what you've got planned for them! Glad to see they're sticking around for a good while longer. Just out of curiosity, are you basically going to ditch the PMD-E universe altogether and make it entirely your own thing, or are you going to adhere to the basic rules and such(like four team members, set accessories, etc.)?
UltimateSassMaster Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Student General Artist
LOL She's actually based after my best friend ahaha

Thanks! There will be very few references to the Tao world from here on in, the only stories really mentioning any areas being Arty's and Ally's evo stories ahaha. I'll actually have 5 members on my team by the end, but the last one won't be on the application?? She'll join the team, but not like "officially" lol
BlackCatlove1 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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UltimateSassMaster Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm well aware of PMDu but I'm continuing my PMDe stories because I had a lot of stuff planned that didn't even correspond with the Tao universe, save a few scarce references lol

I won't be moving these characters over, rather I'll be starting anew, but that won't be until after the release of X and Y
BlackCatlove1 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok I just thought if you wanted to keep your team going you could on pmdu
UltimateSassMaster Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Student General Artist
Ahaha I would but that would mean I would hafta start back to 0 and rebuild all of the stories and I'm just not up for that
Plus the PMDu story setting seems a bit out of reach for what my characters are personally; I purposely made them come from different parts of the world so that I could create my own rules and not hafta abide by the setting of PMDe, and where that was possible in the Tao-verse, I don't think it would be entirely doable in the PMDu-verse, considering the "fog" thing. Also, I'm afraid that my style might hamper my ability to join the group, as Sundance has specifically mentioned that the Pokemon is Parai don't stray too far from their original designs, so Arty would probably be a big no lol.

I might move Atlantis over, though. I'm not all that sure yet
Butler-Chan Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Student General Artist
Whelp, you've updated Iri now. Better yet, she's an ADULT. Now, so does this mean she's not evolving? ;w; Her moveset is pretty simple. (I think it is XD) But, she's your mon' not mine.
UltimateSassMaster Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Student General Artist
Lol actually her whole goal is to evolve! Shit I gotta put that in the description. She's super set on evolving into a Flareon lol
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