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Survivalist Guild Leader Application by UltimateSassMaster

:heart: DARLING DINO BABES W/ THE PRECIOUS McPippypants :heart:


PMDu: Hunters Team 1AM by InYourFridge

:heart: HUGE GRUMPY LOSERS W/ THE BEAUTIFUL InYourFridge :heart:

Hunters Team NAME by UltimateSassMaster

:heart: HELLA HOT FAGGIE ASS SLUTS W/ THE GORGEOUS writercoda :heart:

Diamond Dust by Kutla95


Explorer Team Elysian Official Application by UltimateSassMaster ~ Researcher Team Stupid by UltimateSassMaster ~ Hunter Team NO BOYS ALLOWED by UltimateSassMaster

Super squad of shy nerds
Too dumb to live ~ Chicks with dicks


Archivists Team Yu and I by UltimateSassMaster

fluffy dino baes

Do yall want me to do more pokemon 3d streams? 

30 deviants said fuck yea! pokemon 3d is the coolest shit!
15 deviants said what's pokemon 3d? (check the comments)
8 deviants said no, just stick to art streams


Beautiful babes that I could never live without <3

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+All of you lovelies who watch me because you are all gorgeous baes and I love you all <3

Sprites courtesy of PsyPokes and PkParaiso



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psst! My 3DS friend code is 5172 - 0802 - 8926 and my Mii name is Sass
Add me if you want! And make sure to send me your info too :>

Personal Tumblr blog
PMD RP and Ask blog

hi im sass and am real dino. i take a thousand years to answer comments nowadays because i like to horde them i get busy a lot nowadays so i usually answer em all in bulk lmao, i do definitely read each and every one of them though!!!! you all are precious and sweet and ilu ; o ;

er, am panromantic demisexual i think????? still figuring that out, but i definitely have a romantic connection to kitchenware yes
im pretty uncomfortable around nsfw topics though so please don't talk to me about em c:
im also horrendously in love with the pipster my waifu
and im probably one of the most insincere lol and lmao users that you'll ever find hahaha

psst if ive ever unadded you on skype, you can always just ask to re-add me and i'll gladly accept ; v ;/ i just clean out my contacts every now and then just to keep things tidy aaaa forgive me ; o ;

lemme see, if you hit me up on 3ds I've got xyoras and Animal Crossing New Leaf, and smash! but that's really it haha I'm broke yo.
I recently bought MH4U as well and I love the shit out of it
Aaaand I'm in the following groups too:

of course! you all should know by now that im running my own group too o; so becuase of that i might not be super active in those two above lmao

:iconpmdabsolution: mmmyes

Eeehhh yea alright then bye

*Pippy Sprite by JulieKarbon

screams into oblivion

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 4:04 AM


for anyone whos seen the first page of the m1 epilogue already, you already know what this is about
essentially, life kicked my ass this past couple months ; v ; i spent most of my free time working on college stuffs (because hot damn i do not ever want to take rigging again slay me) so unfortunately i neglected working on the comic until the last month. and by that point i was like GAAAHHH HOLIDAYS
don't fret though! im still working on them every chance i get. i was kinda in a slump for a while and it really killed my art drive, but eyyy no need to bring up the past o; im doin a lot better now, so lemme not make this journal a lame sob story lmao 
again, it may take a lil longer than expected to get the next event out, with final exams approaching and christmas rhguhgh. in the meantime, feel free to do some errands to tide you over! and remember, anyone who had placeholders for M1 has an extra week to get those in as well!

huge shout out to all the babes who've been supporting me these past couple months too!! yall know who ya are oooo; 

  • Mood: Compassion
  • Listening to: idk man w/e my itunes throws at me
  • Reading: dont look at me like that
  • Watching: grumpage
  • Playing: underturd
  • Drinking: wotter u doing


aaglagalalaglagalga im so supremely sorry for everyone in pmda ; o ; i know im taking forever to get the next comic out, but worry not, it's nearly done! i should have it posted probably some time this morning maybe, but i dont wanna make any promises in case something comes up ; v ; but ive got (most) of my big projects done now so ill have more time to work on the comics again! one of my teachers is ridiculous with his deadlines... basically expects us to model, rig, animate, and animate dynamics/physics all within a 2 week deadline. been working my booty off trying to finish it on time, because "absolutely no late work" is accepted ; m ;
Making Fashionable Accessories by UltimateSassMaster
Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster Ahh, such a breezy morning! It's a wonder I never tried this day-walking thing out before!
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster Sun makes it a little hard to see sometimes, I'm sure Aran wouldn't appreciate that...
Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster Well, that's no biggie! I'll just tell him about it when he wakes up tonight, hehe!
Gleam Thinking Smol by UltimateSassMaster Now, what were the supplies I needed again...? Uh, let's see here...
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster Oh, right right, I needed some herbs from the forest, and maybe a few hefty branches...
Gleam Thinking Smol by UltimateSassMaster Man, sometimes I kinda wish I was around when the Gatherers were actually a thing. This is hard work for one spoder!
Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster But, well, at least I can stretch my legs out, hehe. Being cooped up in that building all the time sure makes me stiff. Never knew why that Dewott chick did so many morning stretches until now!
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster ...
Gleam Surprised Smol by UltimateSassMaster Oh?
Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster Oh my, excuse me there, I almost bumped into you guys, haha! Silly me, I've got six eyes and yet I still can't watch where I'm going!

Charlie Grump by UltimateSassMaster -takes a step back as to not have the spider bump into her,she looks at them with a small snort-
Charlie Neutral by UltimateSassMaster "uh, yeah its fine, you wouldnt happen to be the owner of that store over there are ya? - she points to the shop in the shape of the pokemon in question but figured she'd ask anyway in case it wasnt already obvious-

Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster Hm?
Gleam Thinking Smol by UltimateSassMaster ...
Gleam Surprised Smol by UltimateSassMaster Ah! Yes! The spoder house is me!
Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster Yes, is there something I can help you with? Looking for a new, more stylish scarf? Or maybe a bow or ribbon to compliment? Or perhaps something cute for your little friend up there, hello! -waves a leg-

Ace Happy by UltimateSassMaster Hi there miss-! or um...mister?

Charlie Neutral by UltimateSassMaster Er, no we're not exactly looking to buy anything. We're looking for work, kinda new to this area... and odd jobs don't make a living.

Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster Oh! I see, hmm...
Gleam Thinking Smol by UltimateSassMaster ...
Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster Well.. to be honest! My husbando hasn't been feelin' it the past few months, if you catch my cold!
Gleam Thinking Smol by UltimateSassMaster His inspiration has long left him. Poor guy can't even draw a stick figure if he tried.
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster And I mean, it's not really THAT big of a deal, you know?? Because, ah, I can still MAKE accessories, they just won't be very, uh, flashy.
Gleam Thinking Smol by UltimateSassMaster ...
Gleam Surprised Smol by UltimateSassMaster Oh! I'm sorry! Ah, what I'm trying to say, is, ahh...
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster ... Well, for starters, do you have any interest in, well, yanno. Making fashionable accessories?

Charlie Thinking by UltimateSassMaster ...Well I-

Ace Happy by UltimateSassMaster Charlie's real good and painting on people!
Ace Neutral by UltimateSassMaster And she pokes holes in some too so they can wear earrings and stuff!

Charlie Neutral by UltimateSassMaster ...I tattoo and body modify anyone... willing to pay for it.
Charlie Thinking by UltimateSassMaster And yeah, I don't mind making things I guess, I'm assuming that's what your shop does, right? ...Sounds simple enough.

Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster Absolutely!
Gleam Thinking Smol by UltimateSassMaster I'll hafta inspect your tools and all to be sure they're safe!! Some are less tolerant to certain types of injury and toxins, and I'd hate to get anybody sick or hurt, yanno? ahaha...
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster It's not really THAT big a deal. I just like to practice safety is all! I hope that's not a problem...
Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster But otherwise, yeah! I could use an extra hand around the house, as long as you wouldn't mind certain collaborations? And hey, maybe we could eventually get Aran wanting to be creative again as well!

Charlie Neutral by UltimateSassMaster You're the boss, whatever gets me and the kid enough income to stay here comfortably... I'll do whatever you want.

Ace Happy by UltimateSassMaster I wanna help too!

Charlie Thinking by UltimateSassMaster There uh, something she can do? Shes pretty good at greeting people...
Charlie Neutral by UltimateSassMaster ...It'll keep her out of trouble if anything.

Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster Sure!
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster In fact, I'll need you two to tell me what all you're good at and what you'd offer, just kinda concise, though! I just wanna have a good idea of how to set you up, hehe!
Gleam Thinking Smol by UltimateSassMaster ...Actually, do you wanna talk this somewhere, not out in the open, hehe? We could sit in the café, or just head over to my shop and discuss on the way?

Charlie Neutral by UltimateSassMaster Fine by me, lead the way. Name's Charlie, by the way- that there is Ace.

Gleam Surprised Smol by UltimateSassMaster OH! Excuse me! How awfully rude of me, hiring some stranger off the street without even giving my name!
Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster You must think I'm some dealer of berries of disputed legality, ahaha!
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster I'm Gleam! Nice to meet you two!!
Gleam Thinking Smol by UltimateSassMaster ...
Gleam Surprised Smol by UltimateSassMaster Ah, pardon me!
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster What we do at Web Spinner's is simple enough! Let's just go ahead and run there real quick, so I can get you all signed up!! I'm all on my own now, but basically what I do is mass-produce small cloths that can be dyed and worn, available for any incoming teams of the guilds! The guilds all fund my shop, so it's only fair I give them something in return! Right now, are stock is rather simple, but Aran threw together some neat, and simple, designs that I might be able to recreate.
Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster He thinks they're "incredibly gaudy and a disgrace to look at," but you know how artists are on their own work! I think they're completely adorable, so he can Spheal with it.
Gleam Surprised Smol by UltimateSassMaster You! However!
Gleam Thinking Smol by UltimateSassMaster Will be actually modifying their bodies, not their clothes! Which is a whole different kinda story. I don't mind directing some of our funding towards you, but you have any businessy clues on how you wanna run your portion of the shop?

Charlie Thinking by UltimateSassMaster Never really had a shop before, but um... The stuff I use to make ink is sort of... toxic, in heavy loads, so a lot of these are not supposed to cover more than, like, an arm or part of a chest, kind of thing-
Charlie Grump by UltimateSassMaster ...Full body stuff is out of the question. I'm not looking to be a murder suspect.
Charlie Neutral by UltimateSassMaster Piercings are just holes,
Charlie Thinking by UltimateSassMaster But I suppose... making some earrings with different designs would be, like, something of interest to you and your mate?

Gleam Thinking Smol by UltimateSassMaster Yes, I'm familiar with certain dyes, unfortunately I'm aware that while many dyes used for clothes can be safe and permanent, only particular ones are actually able to remain on certain, uh, hides, I guess?
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster Sometimes that can also be a really poisonous substance, though, so we'll hafta take extra precautions around those sensitive to toxins!
Gleam Thinking Smol by UltimateSassMaster I guess we could, maybe, offer them in the same style we do the "fine" accessories? Like...
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster For doing particular tasks, the guild members will be rewarded a voucher... I'm pretty sure there are several waiting to use theirs, eheheh. But! In return I like to give them a little something more... "personal." It's not REALLY personal, but I can make a limited supply of special, fancy clothes that are different from the normal guildwear!
Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster Guildwear is going to be free from now on, so any incoming newbies can look extra nerdy and be picked on, hehe!
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster Anyway, we usually theme our designs based on either other Pokemons' cultures or the patterns of Pokémon we've seen.
Gleam Surprised Smol by UltimateSassMaster I mean, not EVERY thing is based after another Pokémon, but that's where we get most of our ideas from.
Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster It's totally fine to offer more simple stuff, too! If it's simple enough, we could offer it in many colors, hehe, yanno?
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster...
Gleam Surprised Smol by UltimateSassMaster AAahh... sorry, I got a little carried away there... I hope I haven't overwhelmed you!

Charlie Neutral by UltimateSassMaster Don't worry, spider, I'm still here, haven't lost me yet.
Charlie Thinking by UltimateSassMaster I like the idea, whatever will catch the crowds attention, yeah? So, this voucher you're speakin' about, is that what's required to receive either of our services?

Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster Yeah, essentially! We'll have a display of what we have available, and they can trade in a voucher for any ONE thing with a nametag.
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster They'll just hafta make the choice on whether they wanna trade it in for something for me, or for you.
Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster The vouchers are totally real currency in many other towns, too, thanks to the Cartographers! So any vouchers you receive personally are your own commission money!
Gleam Neutral Smol by UltimateSassMaster Of course, the guild will also fund you in Poke to keep the shop running, even if you don't get too many customers, so don't fret, hehe!
Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster They've got your back!

Charlie Neutral by UltimateSassMaster That so, huh?
Charlie Thinking by UltimateSassMaster ...Well I'm sold, what do you think kid?

Ace Neutral by UltimateSassMaster We'll start right away!

Gleam Happy Smol by UltimateSassMaster Awesome! Lemme just tidy up the shop and we'll get to work!


:icondeeborm: :iconpostletter: :iconmossinescence: :iconopallineflower: :iconwhite-flurry:

quality time


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