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Adventures through immortality
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List of PMDe Stories


Snowfall of Ashes
The Art of Miss
Event 6.1: Seeds of a New Beginning
Event 6.2: Humility
Mission 7 (Part 1): Geckos
Mission 7 (Part 2): Just a Couple
Mission 7 (Part ???): Mesozoic
Event 7 Prologue: Paleozoic
Event 7: Leaning Towers, Blooming Flowers (Collaboration with Skywiz's Team Black Gold)
Event 7 Epilogue: High Hopes
All Will Stare
Mission 8 (Past): Cenozoic (WIP)
Mission 8 Prologue: Familiar Faces
Mission 8: Hieroglyphic Wraith (Collaboration with InsomniacFlaaffy's Team WIKIFIGY)
Mission 8: Lucid (WIP)
Mission 8: Glimmer like a Crescent (WIP)
Zoic (WIP)
Era (WIP)
Eerie, then sense (WIP)
Wreck the Rec (WIP)
Can and Will (WIP)
Pray to the God of Death (WIP)
Past the Future (WIP)
Grudge (WIP)
Tarnished Gold (WIP)
Signal Flare (WIP)
Mirror (WIP)
Who I am (WIP)
Third Wave (WIP)

July: Interaction, Stabilization, Condemnation

August: Sanctions (WIP)


Abandon Ship (WIP)

August: Rain Dance (WIP)

>M8 "Lucid" Ally and Smudge (1 page done, 4 more to go)
>M8 "Glimmer like a Crescent" Ally and Loren (2 pages)
>M8 "Cenozoic" Arty in the past (Flash comic/maybe a video. 250+ pages, rougly 15 done)
>M8 Epilogue "Zoic" Arty and Silwa (3 pages)
>"Era" Arty backstory
>"Eerie, then sense" Iri backstory
>"Sanctions" August Tasks with Epsilon (1 page)
>"Wreck the Rec" Chryss backstory interlude
>"Can and Will" Willow and Cannie interlude
>"Pray to the God of Death" Willow and Cannie interlude
>"Past the Future" Arty's evolution story
>"Grudge" Ally vs Thanatos
>"Tarnished Gold" Ally's evo story
>"Signal Flare" Iri's evo story
>"Mirror" Chryss vs Trixie
>"Who I am" Chryss's evo story
>"Third Wave" (epilogue)

Should I do a stream that like gives advice for colour theory/general art stuff 

43 deviants said yey
3 deviants said ney


:iconpepperthecritic: :iconkazoosftw: :icondeltasniper07100: :iconpink201021: :icondurkasao:




UltimateSassMaster has started a donation pool!
2,642 / 5,000

request status:::
No Requests by SweetDuke sorry.

Trades - Closed by SweetDuke nope nope nope

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke I'm still setting up my PayPal account, so I'll list it here when it's all set up.

prices are as follows:
Traditional Linearts: $3-5
Realistic (traditional) Linearts: $7-10
Traditional Colored pictures: $10-15
Speedpaints: $5-10
Speedpaints with a simple background: $7-12
Simple Digital Paintings: $15-20
Realistic Digital Paintings: $35-50
Simple Digital Paintings with a simple background: $30-40
Extra characters: $3 each
Static Icons: $3
Animated Icons $6

I'll usually ask about the complexity of a pic and estimate a good price for it. But, I'll ask you what you think would be a fair price, I.E. what would you be willing to pay, and I may alter my decision based on that. Please let me know if you'd like a sketch of your character before the coloring is done; I want to make sure everything is correct!

Point Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke i dont really need points, but i guess it's fine since I do need to upgrade Arcendell to super.

commission payments:
linearts: 200 :points:
realistic linearts: 250 :points:
traditional color pictures: 350 :points:
extra chars: 50 :points: each
Speedpaints: 350 :points:
Speedpaints with simple background: 400 :points:
Simple Digital Paintings: 1000 :points:
Simple Digital Paintings with a simple background: 1250 :points:
Realistic Digital Paintings: 3000 :points:
Static Icons: 100 :points:
Animated Icons: 200 :points:

Collaborations - Closed by SweetDuke too much work lol

I'll draw just about anything; I'm pretty good at any kind of animal, mediocre at humans, but awful at backgrounds, hence why they were taken off my list. I will NOT draw any kind of porn or fetish art.

i promise you i will forget!
please, always pay after my work is done, that way im not cheating you out of your points!
i dont mean to, but im human and i get a lot of requests and i dont write them down so i forget! @.@

I will, however, not post the full picture of your commission until i have been paid. I will present a preview, typically a headshot, to prove i have finished the work, in return for your payment. After I have been paid, your commission will promptly be posted.

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Comments and Commissions

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 3, 2014, 1:41 AM

Okay so I think many of you may have noticed that it sometimes takes me like TWO GODDAMN DAYS just to reply to a simple comment omg
It's not that I'm ignoring yall, it's just that I've been a little too busy to clean out my inbox lately ahaha. So a lot of my replies may be a few days late (hopefully that won't escalate into weeks...)
I'm currently trying to clear out my inbox now, after the overflux of April Fool's thoughtart and other shenanigans, I'm sitting at 900+ deviation messages aksdljf;a. I probably won't be faving everything this go round, unfortunately. That means I might miss some really good stuffs from you guys and I want to do everything BUT that ahaha.
Speaking of,
It's recently come to my attention that I do not comment on shit as much as I think I do. I've literally looked at Dim's gallery and thought "Okay I swear to GOD I commented on that before we were dating. What the FUCK." And I mean it's a tad pointless to comment on his stuff (WHENEVER HE POSTS ANYTHING OMFG) because we talk about it over the video chat anyway, and I usually express my love for his work to his face rather than over comments (he does the same to me, which is why there's not a whole lot of comments from him on things concerning him). But, anyway, my point is, I'm gonna try and make an effort to voice how much I love your guys' stories and arts and stuff, because I obviously don't do that enough. I mean, I'm not saying expect me to comment on EVERYTHING... Just things that really stand out enough to me that I can spend a couple extra seconds on it while I sift through the rest of my inbox. And, honestly, reason I'm doing this is because artists/writers NEED comments. Comments are a good thing. Even if it's just to say "wow thats cool," every little bit helps us. I really wanna encourage others to do this too, because I know too many people who are like myself and think "oh well everyone else already said what I was going to say so the artist doesn't need to hear it from lonely ol' me," when 90% of the time said artist would actually super appreciate hearing more feedback. Like I said before, I literally sat on one of Dim's deviations, staring at it for a good like 8 minutes, awing at how wonderful the colors and the composition was. IDK why but I musta just been like "LOLFAVEYOLOSWAG" and moved on. I don't really like that I do that xD (and honestly it's really working against me now because I wanna tell Dim "I LOVED YOUR SHIT BEFORE WE WERE DATING I'M NOT JUST SAYING THIS BC I'M YO GF" but I don't really have any proof to that other than the fave, so I mean... haha)

In other news,

I've also recently quit my job at DQ and am now unemployed. My parents don't know yet lolollo. I'm gonna keep them in the dark about it until I do get a new job (still lookin towards PetSmart) but until then I'm gonna need some kinda income to replace the puny little 100 buck checks I got every two weeks. So I'm planning on opening commissions! I'll have a proper journal and example deviation made up soon, but not right this second. I gotta make sure I got all the prices and paypal working right before I do xD Problem is, I'll only be opening monetary commissions this go-round, I won't be accepting points (unless a certain close friend decides to throw points at me even though its a  GIFT AND YOU DONT GOTTA PAY ME FOR IT COUGH COUGHDKFLDJASF;ASDJ)

So... yeah! Get hype!

Last thing, I'll be trying to push myself into getting the rest of the app arts done so I can hurry up and start those backstories. With personal issues going on, it's real slow going in terms of inspiration. Hopefully it'll kick in soon!

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  • Watching: Dimmy fluster and be cute
  • Playing: pakemanzters w/ Dimmy u v u
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Amber Pantoria
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey! My 3DS friend code is 5172 - 0802 - 8926 and my Mii name is Sass
Add me if you want! And make sure to send me your info too :>

Whispers my heart belongs to DimBlomb-is-Sableye because he's perfect and cute and aahh <33

Done by UltimateSassMaster

Aight. I'm p cool if you're cool to be, but if you give me shit then I'll snap right back. I don't take kindly to rude asses and smartasses, so watch your back. But hey! Like I said, if you're nice to me then I won't give a shit. I like having conversations with nice people, and even debates with those who have differing thoughts/opinions (so long as you don't challenge me into an argument, because believe me if you try to argue you'll end up looking like an idiot), but I'm not too interactive with those who leave simplistic comments like "THANKZ 4 FAV" and "Ww SO COOL YOUR ART GOOD YO" like. I appreciate the comment? But all I can say is thanks, so...?

I usually reply to just about every comment I get, even if it's just to say thanks. If I don't reply, it's either because I can no longer further the conversation, or because you've left a THANKZ 4 FAV comment or something stupid that I don't feel like answering. I also watch back every single person that watches me! I don't thank others for faves because that's just too damn tedious.

When it comes to art, I'm pretty universal. Right now, I'm having a big outburst of Pokemon, mostly due to PMDUnity, since :iconpmd-explorers: closed. I'm just learning how to improve my digital abilities, but I'll probably always be best at traditional work. Digital is just faster and easier lol. I have stories that I want to work on, my most active being in PMDu, a few abandoned ones from PMDe that I plan on finishing, but a few original works as well. I like to make dorky little characters for things I'm a fan of, but I don't really do it too often anymore.

As a heads up? I just want to point out that just because I don't like the same thing that you do does not give you grounds to scream at me for it. I don't care that you like what you like, it doesn't matter to me. I just personally don't have an interest for it, so don't expect to be able to hold up on conversation with me about it. I'll be polite as long as you are. If you begin to try and pressure me into liking something, that just makes me hate it more. So! I'm not a fan of MLP, Homestuck, or basically any anime/manga or TV series. I'm one of those artists that doesn't really like anime styles very much. It's p hard for me to get into something, but it's not like I hate it just because I don't like it.

Things I DO like include things like Pokemon, dragons and other mythical creatures, nature, clouds, animals, and just pretty shit. Idk, it's hard to name things I like because there's not much lolol. I'm also VERY interested in astronomy and astrology (no, seriously, it's possible to like astrology and dislike Homestuck).

As an aside, I have a lot of conversations about Pokemon, and which is our favorites and why. I dislike quite a few popular Pokemon, mostly because I see them so much that they've grown boring to me. Most of the time, I like Pokemon more because of their inner concept rather than their appearance, so it's hard for me to think of a concept as dumb or boring, but there are a select few. Here's the thing. If I don't like a certain Pokemon, that DOES NOT mean that I don't like you for liking that Pokemon. Honestly, it doesn't matter to me. However if we get into a discussion, I am simply explaining WHY I DON'T LIKE IT, not attempting to alter your opinion or belittle your opinion. And trust me, most of the time the reason I don't like it is because it's too popular and I've gotten bored of it u v u


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