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PMDu: Hunters Team 1AM by InYourFridge


Hunters Team NAME by UltimateSassMaster


Explorer Team Elysian Official Application by UltimateSassMaster ~ Researcher Team Stupid by UltimateSassMaster ~ Hunter Team NO BOYS ALLOWED by UltimateSassMaster

Super squad of shy nerds
Too dumb to live ~ Chicks with dicks


Deviant Crossing: Sync Application by UltimateSassMaster

~lookit this big booty nerdy birdy~

Beautiful babes that I could never live without <3

:heart: .:wifey bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:beautiful pip pip cheerio bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:faggie bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:waffu bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:heavenly choir dramatic entrance bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:weanie bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:firefox bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:beautibutt kirlia bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:adorabubble derp bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:meme it up bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:dragon wagon bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:senpai desu bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:yaaaaaas bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:faggot ass jerkbutt bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:drunk panda rabbit bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:selfie bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:totobabbu bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:cray cray bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:rpoopoo bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:ive got your face bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:irl bestie bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:gwaaaaaaahhhhhhh bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:literary bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:insanely realistic pakermans bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:dee bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:ima koala the bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:mushy derp bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:mainstream bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:hipster bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:I MISS YOU ; A ; bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:dvd bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:coffee senpai bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:colorful bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:hehe potato bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:fabbu babbu bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:adorababbu bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:floons bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:hella cute senpai bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:the designssss bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:cool cat bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:adorabubble babbu senpai desu bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:super scary admin bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:improved so dang much bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:mm painting like a bruh bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:senpai who speaks to me bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:irl senpai bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:irl bestie best bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:bangarang bae:. :heart:

:heart: .:animu senpai bae:. :heart:


+All of you lovelies who watch me because you are all gorgeous baes and I love you all <3

now for my list of senpais hurhurr (+all my baes because they're all so beautiful)

ChillySunDance purplekecleon arvalis catandcrown Rainnye AnnMarieBone sweating SenpaiLovesYouBakas childish-adultery yassui Aishishi TwainKitty ClockworkShrew pickles-4-nickles Eri-Freak Pannzilla SarkTheDelirious DominosCat framesling ouroporos extyrannomon Walagu 1Apple-Fox1 Lyran-Wolf Tanglecolors griffsnuff Chibi-Castform HERthatDRAWS Twarda8 sapphireluna CrazyIguana andrework zetina Zerokii yugimew Yen-Cat Xous54 xSabinaxx Walagu Windveil VKarenD Mila-kun Tutyr Thornbeast thazumi TamarinFrog SpookyScreamz Sombrasaurus Seoul-Dew slurpoof ramenbowie Shellyshockz Sherlu SABERinBLUE SabiSweaters Srarlight Spyzers ShadeofShinon routineMalaise Ryan-sprite Ruth-Tay ReneCampbellArt RenePolumorfous Reshidove pixellings Prophecy-Inc PsyDoktor PRINCESS-CHEZ PokeRemixStudio PinkGermy pengosolvent Owlanay NyxDruid nuttyjigs nicolasjolly Myra-Avalon Nambroth MiaMaha mercurybird MarshyTan Magg0try LugiaDialga LittleWhiteWolfAngel LazyAmphy King-Meteor JulieKarbon iveechan-art Jinxee hyolitha Haychel neondragon Hellobaby harrie5 GlitchCity frandlle FluffyFluffs Flixg Forta-Verity-Amity framesling FengHuangLady Exileden EatToast drak Cryptid-Creations Cocoron ColorsAreAwesome ClefdeSoll byona ariamisu clacier chibiphlosion Burrii Awehhh rattarie red-anteater IceFireDrag

Do you see why I never fucking do this shit lmao I literally spent over an hour typing all that out and looking through my watchlist to make sure I got everyone AND I STILL DIDN'T

+everyone I'm watching because you all are lovely babes <3

Sprites courtesy of PsyPokes and PkParaiso

List of PMDe Stories


Snowfall of Ashes
The Art of Miss
Event 6.1: Seeds of a New Beginning
Event 6.2: Humility
Mission 7 (Part 1): Geckos
Mission 7 (Part 2): Just a Couple
Mission 7 (Part ???): Mesozoic
Event 7 Prologue: Paleozoic
Event 7: Leaning Towers, Blooming Flowers (Collaboration with Skywiz's Team Black Gold)
Event 7 Epilogue: High Hopes
All Will Stare
Mission 8 (Past): Cenozoic (WIP)
Mission 8 Prologue: Familiar Faces
Mission 8: Hieroglyphic Wraith (Collaboration with InsomniacFlaaffy's Team WIKIFIGY)
Mission 8: Lucid (WIP)
Mission 8: Glimmer like a Crescent (WIP)
Zoic (WIP)
Era (WIP)
Eerie, then sense (WIP)
Wreck the Rec (WIP)
Can and Will (WIP)
Pray to the God of Death (WIP)
Past the Future (WIP)
Grudge (WIP)
Tarnished Gold (WIP)
Signal Flare (WIP)
Mirror (WIP)
Who I am (WIP)
Third Wave (WIP)

July: Interaction, Stabilization, Condemnation

August: Sanctions (WIP)


Abandon Ship (WIP)

August: Rain Dance (WIP)

>M8 "Lucid" Ally and Smudge (1 page done, 4 more to go)
>M8 "Glimmer like a Crescent" Ally and Loren (2 pages)
>M8 "Cenozoic" Arty in the past (Flash comic/maybe a video. 250+ pages, rougly 15 done)
>M8 Epilogue "Zoic" Arty and Silwa (3 pages)
>"Era" Arty backstory
>"Eerie, then sense" Iri backstory
>"Sanctions" August Tasks with Epsilon (1 page)
>"Wreck the Rec" Chryss backstory interlude
>"Can and Will" Willow and Cannie interlude
>"Pray to the God of Death" Willow and Cannie interlude
>"Past the Future" Arty's evolution story
>"Grudge" Ally vs Thanatos
>"Tarnished Gold" Ally's evo story
>"Signal Flare" Iri's evo story
>"Mirror" Chryss vs Trixie
>"Who I am" Chryss's evo story
>"Third Wave" (epilogue)

Fuckshit the decision is between a dinosaur and a fish HOW DO I CHOOSE? WATER YOU GUYS GONNA GET? 

40 deviants said Alpha tsundere fishy poop
38 deviants said Omega angsty dino butt
12 deviants said guys i know kyogre is a whale im not stupid


:iconzaffy-laffy: :iconferatina: :iconcristalsong: :iconxunfortunate-soulsx: :iconcychainix:




Amber Pantoria
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

Hey! My 3DS friend code is 5172 - 0802 - 8926 and my Mii name is Sass
Add me if you want! And make sure to send me your info too :>

Aight so like
Don't ever be afraid to talk to me because chances are I'm 230482% more weanie than you are and there's also a good chance you might be senpai because omg I have so many senpai why are you all so beautiful stop that
Pansexual and single, but not looking? And eh, sexuality doesn't really matter to me because like it's still me, and I'd appreciate you don't treat me differently (that's better or worse) just because of it. I won't treat you any different either, if that means anything? I don't even really see the point of listing that honestly because I feel like it's just gonna start shit, but, eh, whatever. Would rather answer a question before it's asked I guess.

Lemme see, if you hit me up on 3ds I've got x and y and Animal Crossing New Leaf, but that's really it haha I'm broke yo.
Aaaand I'm in the following groups too:
:icontails-of-infinium: (not active, but might occasionally post something)

Eeehhh yea alright then bye


Dan Trade by UltimateSassMaster
Dan Trade
Trade with Zaffy-Laffy! I friggin love this Duskull, he's a super cutie aaa <3

PMD-D : Truth Seekers App by Zaffy-Laffy
Go check out their half! Pression by Zaffy-Laffy
Expression Meme Spit by UltimateSassMaster
Expression Meme Spit
This fag was so much fun omg
The hair, the eyes, the smile
Probably some of my favorite expressions haha
And the best part is, I can promise a good majority of them won't be used for their "default" use hahaha

Who's up next? I've decided to save Press for last, so that leaves the other halves of my teams, Eon, Aequa, and Eleos, as well as Eurydice

PMDU: Expression Meme by meshibe
Livestream (OFFLINE)
However please don't send youtube links while another request song is playing, I will not interrupt one person's song for another and if you do, you risk the link getting chatted away and I won't dig for it.

Also for the sake of focusing on arting, PLEASE do not send me videos that require watching :C

If the following section is STRIKETHROUGHED, please do not as for requests or if it's a request stream.


>Please have a ref prepared BEFORE asking for your request

>Please be present when your turn is nearing; if more than 2 minutes passes and you haven't shown up to give me your request, I'll move on to the next person in line. If you're going to leave before your turn, NOTIFY ME and send me a ref BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

>Please do not whine or complain if I don't get to your request, or if I draw just a bust for you while I did a full body for someone else. I draw what I feel like drawing, and you're getting free art, so don't be an ass about it.

>Please refrain from asking for a request if you have already gotten several from me before (though I don't really mind SO much), but more importantly DO NOT ASK FOR TWO REQUESTS IN ONE STREAM.

>If I take a break or I'm working on something else, do NOT spam me or complain that I'm not doing requests. I like to do my own things sometimes too yanno!

Sassy's stream

oh so very gay
Explorer Team Elysian Official Application by UltimateSassMaster
Explorer Team Elysian Official Application
Temp app

Originally this team was a collab with me and Kari-chan622, but because of her life taking over for a while she gave Eleos to me. I know she's starting up again, but idk if she'll come back to do the collab (she's open to it though, so who knows)

Alright copy pasta notes

Species: Goomy
Height: 1' 00"
Weight: 6 lbs
Eye Color: Black
Ability: Gooey (If hit directly, he expels goo from his body that slows down his attacker)
Age: Young Adult
Notes: His body is on a more bluer spectrum rather than violet.

>Pretty cheery guy, often looks on the brighter sides of things. Eleos puts others needs before his own as his way of trying to make friends. 

>Although he seems peaceful, he has no problem stepping up to the plate to support what he thinks is right.

>Has a terrible attachment issues, so any attention someone gives him, he often mistakes that for friendship and follows them around everywhere. 

>He found Aether passed out on a hill near to Andalusst, and feels obligated to take care of her. He acts as her big brother or guardian

>He's often made fun of by others, because he's a bit slimier than your typical Goomy

>He loves the rain, and usually feels much more comfortable in it, so he often uses Rain Dance in stressful situations to calm himself down

>He's actually quite strong physically, but doubts himself a lot so he doesn't like to show it

>He was raised protectively by his mom, and misses her often

Moveset Reference:

Thunderbolt: He can only use this attack if it's already raining. He's able to summon Thunderbolts from the sky, although not as powerful as a similar move Thunder.

Dragon Pulse: He's able to breath a powerful, bluish white misty fire from his mouth if he concentrates hard enough.

Rain Dance: By spinning around a few times and humming to himself, he's able to summon a heavy rainstorm. He usually does this to keep his own and Aether's bodies moist, but often uses it for battle strategies too.

Protect: By concentrating, he's able to make a bubble shield of azure, hexagonal scales, but they burst into thin glitters of light if used for too long. When deactivating, he's also able to blow back objects or attacks as the scales burst outward.

Species: Skrelp
Height: 2' 00" 
Weight: 17 lbs
Eye Color: Cerulean
Ability: Poison Touch (Occasionally, when making contact with others, she might accidentally Poison them)
Age: Young Adult (but appears to be an adolescent)
Notes: Her body is lankier than most, and the bobber on her head acts as a flag for her emotions.

>She can stand on the three flags of her tail like a tripod, but is very wobbly in this position and immobile. She can cling to walls and trees this way, however.

>She's super shy and clumsy and stresses out easily and doesn't want anyone to think she's a bad person. She'll apologize over and over if she thinks she's done something wrong.

>She doesn't like hurting other people, and she doesn't like it when other people hurt other people.

>If someone teases her, even jokingly, she takes it seriously and gets all upset thinking that they don't like her.

>She tries her best to be liked by everybody.

>She can slither like a snake, at a pace similar to a Ball Python. She can move faster in the rain.

>When she swims, she wades back and forth, similar to a fish. When she wants to float to the surface, she flaps her little ventral fins in a motion that looks like bouncing.

>She likes to hang out in the streams and blow Bubbles.

>When she sighs or exhales, typically Bubbles come out too.

>She only feels safe when she's around Eleos

>She grew up in the water her whole life and didn't even know about the world on land. She calls these respective worlds the "Wet World" and the "Dry World." She refers to the sky as the "World Beyond," and is still awestruck of the beauty of rain. 

>She's able to breath on land due to a little fishy organ called the Labyrinth Organ, which renders her able to take in atmospheric air. 

Moveset Reference

Camouflage: She already looks like rotting kelp underwater, but she can also concentrate and morph her colors similar to that of trees, though not for long. Depending on the terrain, she can also change her typing temporarily.

Bubble: She likes to blow Bubbles a lot. They're not very powerful in battle, but when she does use them as an attack, she sprays a stream of suds at the enemy. This could cause them to slow down. It attacks a wide range of enemies at once.

Poison Tail: She's able to secrete a poisonous sap from her tail, which usually dissolves in water, contaminating the whole area. She doesn't like to use this attack, but when desperate, she'll swat her tail at an enemy, potentially poisoning them. If she hits the right spot, she can manage a Critical Hit.

Hidden Power (Flying): She's not even aware that she knows this move, and it only activates as a Last Resort. If she's in a pinch and is very stressed out, her body will glow a bright mauve, and large, azure feathered wings will appear behind her, before concentrating into orbs and homing in on the enemy. She never remembers using this attack afterwards. 


Stories and Missions

Aaaaaand done! I'll add more to this as I go on, but for now..! Pretty solid I hope



Small edit: Changed Aether's histories, and fixed her ability
EDIT: updated aethers app art!
Aether by UltimateSassMaster
New Aether app art! I'm hella proud of how this came out haha <3

Failure to launch

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 11:13 AM
I'm gonna take this quick moment to tell everyone thank you for the bday wishes and all the gifts!!! you all are wonderful and I love you so much <3333 I can't tell you how much it means to me that you would make bday gifts for me aha ; v ;

But, with that said, I feel like I owe a lot of people an apology;
Those who signed up for the collab in the Frosty Festivities especially.
To make up for it, I WILL do my part of the collab eventually, it'll just be late, unfortunately. I've had a serious attack on my motivation (both good and bad!) and I kinda shoved PMDu to the side for the time being while I worked up some inspiration for PMDD. I'm not leaving PMDu, not at all, I've got way too many stories invested in it to even consider that, but motivation towards the events may be a bit less than it was when I first joined. And that's fine with me, but... not when I promise a bunch of collabs xD;

I AM however going to be making a PMD RP/ask blog on tumblr; actually, it's already made, I should say xD all I've got left to do is finish the expression icons and wait for oras to release (still attempting to avoid spoilers) so I can REALLY get back into using tumblr again. I'll be a lot more active in RPs and stuff while I have the tumblr open, but if I do forget to reply to an RP, please remind me!! (Just don't like pester me, but a simple reminder is alright ; v ; ) If you'd like to see a sneak peek of the blog, here's the link! The pages are in the "navigation" tab C: and I do regularly add to the rules and headcanons page when I remember another important one that isn't listed yet, but FOR THE MOST PART I believe I have everyone important on there xD be warned though, that head canons page is absolutely massive (I REALLY like Pokemon B) ) and you don't hafta agree with all of my head canons if you don't want to! They're just my personal views, and I'll assume those when an RP is started unless specifically stated otherwise haha. I'm gonna ask Senji about making anchor links so you don't hafta go searching for a specific topic (although ctrl F would do that for ya just fine) just to make it a lil easier haha

Anyway, that's all that's goin on right now. Again, I'm super sorry for those who signed up for the collab :/ I'll make up for it though I promise!

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Reading: dont look at me like that
  • Watching: we just finished a twilight marathon lmao
  • Eating: ice cream cake B)
  • Drinking: all of sarah's milk


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:iconrecoomeplz::iconsaysplz:Oh. Recoome apologizes. Hey, wait a minute! Recoome swears he delivered a whole cake.

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Oh, well. On behalf of everyone who loves you:

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I really wanted to do one for you because you always give the cutest or funniest B-Day drawings. Very adorable.

I wanted to make you a nice little birthday drawing in return for your overall awesomeness. (But sadly I had too many plans today and thought your birthday was tomorrow)

OK, so even though we aren't really great friends and don't really interact much, I think you're super-mega-ultra-epicly fun and talented, I love your art and I'm seriously jelly >w>
I appreciate all of the giggles you've given me over my time as one of your watchers, and hope you will continue doing it for a long time~

You're a hella rad blitch, Happy B-Day.
Now I eat your cake fella's Gobbler (Party) 
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